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Junshan, anciently called Xiang mountain, Dongting mountain, is named after the Emperor Yao’s daughter Xiangjun who traveled in this area of 0.96 square kilometers which is located in the east Dongting lake 12 km southwest of Yueyang city, distantly facing the historic outstanding Yueyang Tower, and presently a national key scenic spot. Junshan has a profound culture and a long history. Since Yao’s daughter, Junshan has a history of 4000 years, and is the ninth fairyland of Taoism religion. The literati in history focused on "odd" "small" "perfect" "quiet” or "antique" to wrote prose and poems, to inscribe and carve on stones, to paint or to sing for it. Especially since the Tang Dynasty, Li Bai, Du Fu, Huang Tingjian, Liu Yuxi, Xin Qiji and Zhang Zhidong and other literati all once climbed the Junshan to express their feelings for the beautiful views, leaving many masterpieces through the ages.

Junshan District,Yueyang

Distance to the hotel:
It is 20 km away from the hotel.


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